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Awesome Pool Toys for Kids

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Are you scratching your head, wondering how to keep the kids busy all summer long? You can only run them to lessons, craft classes, reading programs, and so on, for … Continue reading

ToySplash Has Moved – Positive Changes Happening

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ToySplash.com is under new ownership! OnlineStores.com has recently purchased the popular pool toy website and plans to make major improvements in the coming months. ToySplash Has Moved – Positive Changes … Continue reading

Outdoor Giant Tic Tac Toe

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Are your kids bored with the same old games? Why not try something new and different! Our Outdoor Giant Tic Tac Toe is just the ticket to get kids excited … Continue reading

Spring Floats for Spring Break

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Spring break is either here or right around the corner. Lots of us will be travelling to some place that is warm and sunny. Quite often, pool time is part … Continue reading

Toys For Tigers

  Everyone at ToySplash is excited to announce our new program – Toys For Tigers!! ToySplash and Out of Africa Wildlife Park® have been partnering since 2008 with Out of Africa … Continue reading

The Messy Pool Race

Posted on by Amanda

Want to wear your kids out in a hurry?  Whether you’re trying to get them their daily dose of exercise or just want them to burn off a little energy … Continue reading

Capture the Splash

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We’ve revamped capture the flag for a hot summer day by moving it into the pool!  The basics of the game Capture the Splash are exactly the same, but it’s … Continue reading


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Cannonball contests are a summer staple.  There is something about leaping into the water and making a giant splash that kids love.  You can make the splash attack even more … Continue reading

Mermaid or Dolphin Treasure

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Kids have terrific imaginations.  Sometimes all they need is a little prompting to create an imaginary world to which they’ll want to return again and again.  The water is particularly … Continue reading

Beach Ball Balance Ball

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Chances are you’ve spent some time on a balance ball, either at the gym or in your own home.  They’re great ways to build core strength and stability.  Did you … Continue reading

Welcome to Summer!

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If you weren’t ready to call it before, you have to call it now:  it’s summer!  The water parks and public pools are open and now it’s time to kick … Continue reading

Olympic Games Day 5

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Round out your week at the Olympic Games Day 5 with a legitimate Olympic game that seems too fun and easy to be an Olympic event:  ping pong! With a … Continue reading

Play Chicken, Get an Egg

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Kids think up (and are taught) a lot of games and activities.  Some are safe and others not-so-safe.  As the grownup it’s your job to teach them how to play … Continue reading

Underwater Photo Shoot

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Your kids have a great time in the pool, so don’t forget to capture the memories! With all the waterproof and underwater technologies available, you don’t have to miss out … Continue reading

Still Too Cold?

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Are you and your family itching for a swim, but still finding the water still too cold for your taste?  Other than the obvious solutions–heating the pool or breaking out … Continue reading

The Sink or Swim Game

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No, we’re not talking about your first semester of college.  The sink or swim game is a great group and party game that is sure to wear out and delight … Continue reading

Swimming Pool Relay Races

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It’s no secret that childhood obesity is a big issue right now; you rarely turn on the news without hearing about it. A lot of us are concerned about making … Continue reading

Fun at the Hotel Pool

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As you plan your family vacation this summer, take a few moments to call the hotels you’re considering and ask if they provide any sort of rafts or pool toys … Continue reading

Spring Pool Games are Ducky

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Is your spring baby a little bummed that it’s still too cold for a pool party on her birthday?  Never fear, even when it is too cold to go in … Continue reading


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Welcome to the ToySplash Water Fun Blog!   ToySplash has always been committed to providing you all the pool toys, pool floats, and pool rafts to make your water play time … Continue reading