Supa Vac Pool Cleaner

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Clean your pool or spa in minutes with this pool cleaner!
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The Supa Vac Pool Cleaner works in backyard pools, ponds, and spas that may not have their own filtration system, allowing you to easily maintain their cleanliness without heavy scrubbing, or having to empty and then refill them. When attached to a common garden hose, the skimmers venturi pump (which generates a vacuum in the liquid flow of water from the hose) sucks up debris and algae. A filter inside the skimmer ensures that detritus does not escape back into the water. The skimmer attaches to the end of a four-foot pole for easy placement and guidance in the water. The cleaner can also be set to empty a pool of water in preparation for the end of swimming season. Includes vacuum unit, pump attachment, filter sock, retaining clip, 8-foot drainage hose, 4-foot telescopic pole, and garden hose connection (garden hose not included).

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