GAME SolarPRO Pool Heater

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Heat your pool water the GREEN way using only the sun’s solar energy. The SolarPRO Pool Heater can add weeks to your swimming season!
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Extend your swim season with luxuriously warm water using the GAME SolarPRO Pool Heater. Simple “Do-It-Yourself” installation on any above ground and most in ground pools. You can connect multiple heaters in sequence to increase efficiency and heating effectiveness. Solar energy uses the sun’s rays to produce heat or electricity. This technology has been honed to harness our sun’s natural energy in a cost-effective way to warm the water in your pool. The GAME SolarPRO Pool Heater can save the customer up to $100.00 per month when heating a 6000 gallon pool by 4 degrees Fahrenheit. The Solar Pool Heater uses environment-friendly energy (sunlight) that dramatically reduces or eliminates pool heating costs and adds value to your pool and to your home. Fits 1¼-inch to 1½-inch flexible hose fitting and includes 2 sections of hose and stainless steel hose clamps. Also includes a protective cover for when heater is not in use. Product dimensions 24-inches L x 24-inches W x 12-inches H or the larger size 32.5-inches x 32-inches x 20-inches.

Designed for above ground pools only. For maximum results Solar pool heaters should have a southern exposure and you should cover your pool at night to prevent heat loss.

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