Intex Frisbee Pool Target Game

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Throw a frisbee to hit targets with the fun, inflatable Frisbee Pool Target Game from ToySplash!
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Whether you love ultimate frisbee or just a gentle game of toss in the park, the Pool Frisbee Target Game is a great way to bring frisbee fun and challenge to your swimming pool. This great pool toy is just what our ToySplash Water Fun Experts recommend: a fun, physical game that can adjust to your family's skill set. Younger kids can learn to throw a frisbee to hit a target. Older children and adults can incorporate more complex rules and obstacles for maximum challenge. There's no limit to the water fun you can create with this ToySplash toy! This colorful, inflatable game set measues 70-inches by 23-inches by 40-inches and includes three target rings and an inflatable frisbee.

Reviews (0)