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ToySplash's Inflatable Pool Rafts Are Build for Relaxation While in the Pool or at the Beach

Pool Inflatable Rafts - 76" 18 Pocket French MattressIs there anything more relaxing than a quiet day floating in the pool? With our line of pool rafts, you'll experience comfort normally associated with furniture inside the house. As you lay across a smooth bed of air, enjoy nature's soothing sounds as you float effortless across the water. A multitude of pool raft sizes allow for ample room to share a relaxing experience. In addition, our pool rafts are equipped with a soft pillow designed for added buoyancy and comfort.

Do you have young children just getting used to the water? An rafts is an ideal way to introduce them to the water. In fact, kids of all ages will enjoy our inflatable rafts whether they're at the beach or swimming in the pool.

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Pool Inflatable Rafts - 18 Pocket SuntannerThe 18-Pocket Pool Raft is perfect for kids and adults. At 74" x 28", these pool rafts are the ideal size for lounging or playing, without being too bulky. The clear top and reflective silver bottom ensure the raft doesn't get too hot. In addition, two air chambers and the coil beam construction give the pool raft sturdy support in the water. How many times have you tried getting onto a floating raft, only to lose your balance and fall off? You won't have to worry about tipping over with the Suntanner model. The I-beam pillow also provides added comfort.

Pool Inflatable Rafts - Spirit Premium Air MattressLooking for a gift for that patriotic neighbor of yours? Try the Spirit Premium Air Mattress. The American flag is on full display atop this 75" x 29" five-coil air mattress. A full-width pillow adds to the pool raft's comfort. Add a couple of ToySplash accessories for his pool, and your neighbor will be the envy of everyone on the street.

All ToySplash's inflatable floats are constructed for comfort and built to last. Have you ever been lying on an inflatable raft, only to have it slowly deflate because of a hole? That's frustrating! The quality construction of each pool rafts reduces the probability of you experiencing this misfortune again.

ToySlash has pool toys, pool floats and pool accessories your kids will want to play with for hours.

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