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Water Guns & Soakers

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Every kid needs a great collection of water guns, and at ToySplash, we're happy to help. You'll find a fantastic selection of the best, most powerful and most fun water guns here, and every one of them is listed at an affordable price so you can save money while providing your children with the ultimate pool toys.

Whether you want an awesome arsenal of Swimways Flood Force Water Cannons that can be fired from in or out of the water to douse your opponents or you're looking for a super-fun underwater Bubble Ring Pool Blaster, ToySplash has you covered. Young kids adore our Critter Blaster Water Guns, while bigger kids (and adults) have a splashing-good time with our 6-inch water guns that feature dual tanks for more spraying action. We have Hydro Zooka 12-inch water cannons, which are the junior size to Hydro Zooka 24-inch water cannons; either way, you're getting hours of enjoyment out of powerful water guns sure to splatter anyone in their paths.

Douse your opponents with two streams of pool water with a double-barreled water gun, or pass out party favor squirt guns to the kids at a backyard birthday party. Turn pool noodles into water-spraying monsters or shoot huge streams of water at innocent bystanders with a massive Geyser Gusher Water Cannon.

You'll find a variety of name brands in our collection of water guns, such as Can You Imagine, Geyser Guys and PoolMaster. We also carry Swimways, Wet Products and many others so you have the best selection possible. All of our prices are affordable, as well, and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and fast shipping whenever possible. It's our mission to ensure that you have a blast in the water this summer and every summer, which is exactly why we carry the world's most powerful and most fun water guns and water cannons. No matter what you're looking for, you'll find it at ToySplash.

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