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Pool Coolers

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  1. Cooler Couch

    Cooler Couch

    SKU: TYSINCL_101727
    $59.99 $59.43
  2. Light Up Drink Boat

    Light Up Drink Boat

    SKU: TYSINCL1000036851
    $29.99 $15.63
  3. Stainless Steel 80 Quart Patio Cooler

    Stainless Steel 80 Quart Patio Cooler

    SKU: NLEPACL1000048596
    $279.99 $259.99
  4. SunSoft Fabric Drink Caddy

    SunSoft Fabric Drink Caddy

    SKU: TYSINCL_101486
    $49.98 $38.43
  5. Coral

    SS Goodlife Floating Kooler

    SKU: TYSINCL_101024
    $109.95 $99.95
  6. 14 Quart Portable Patio Cooler

    14 Quart Portable Patio Cooler

    SKU: NLEPACL1000048594
    $69.99 $66.98
  7. Light Up Buffet Cooler

    Light Up Buffet Cooler

    SKU: TYSINCL1000036847
    $29.99 $15.63

Grid  List 

7 Item(s)

Hungry? Thirsty? Don't get out of the water....keep your favorite drinks and snacks within arms reach in a floating cooler or beverage/snack tray. We have different sizes and styles so pick the perfect one for you! Some have ice compartments, cup holders and even a built-in checkerboard. These coolers are not only perfect for the pool but great for river tubing, boating, floating in the lake or relaxing in the jacuzzi. Don't interrupt your fun or relaxation because of hunger or thirst - get a floating cooler or snack tray from ToySplash!

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