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Mosquito Barrier - Insect Repellent - 1 Gallon

SKU: TYSPCCH1000044025

MPN: Garlic Repellent - Gallon Size

$84.99 $67.50

Quick Overview

The environmentally safe way to significantly reduce the mosquito population in your yard. The all natural product is easily applied and works on contact to kill many soft bodied insects.

  • Natural insect repellent
  • Repels mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and more for up to one month.
  • Suffocates mosquito larvae in standing water when mixed with soybean or canola oil.
  • 1 gallon covers 5 acres
  • Safe around people, pets, animals & fish
  • Becomes odorless within minutes
  • Has a shelf life of 2 years

Country of Origin: United States

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The Mosquito Barrier Insect Repellent is a natural and powerful way to keep insects off of garden plants, flowers and grass without harmful fumes or chemicals. When properly mixed with water, the Mosquito Barrier Insect Repellent will cover approximately 5 acres (gallon sizes are best for homes on a half acre and will last for the entire season). It imparts no garlic taste on any backyard crops or plants that are sprayed. The odor of garlic, in the air or on the plant, disappears within minutes.

The Mosquito Barrier protects your yard 3 ways:

  • It kills the adult mosquitoes
  • The garlic coated plants keep mosquitoes out of the area
  • It suffocates any mosquito larvae in standing water, such as puddles, under decks, water in tin cans or depressions in lawn, etc.

It's great for home garden and lawn care use and completely safe around people, pets, animals and fish. To mix, use 4 ounces of Mosquito Barrier into 1 gallon of water. Stir well and spray about an hour before sundown. Generally, 4 applications are enough for the entire mosquito season.

Also available in quart size that covers approximately 1.25 acres (which is usually enough for a couple of applications on smaller residential properties).

Made in the USA, the quart size of Mosquito Barrier is 99.3% pure garlic extract.

Net Weight: 1 Gallon (128 ounces)

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Mosquito Barrier - Insect Repellent - 1 Gallon

Mosquito Barrier - Insect Repellent - 1 Gallon.

  • Price: $67.50 - In stock
  • Brand: Toysplash
  • Product ID: TYSPCCH1000044025

Customer Reviews

This Works Review by Windmill
If you want to not have mosquitoes in a certain area this works. It does not kill mosquitoes but just acts as a barrier. We spray everyday around our back yard and pool. You mix it with water and some dish washing detergent to get it to stick to leaves and grass. You spray around the area on the perimeter to create this barrier that mosquitoes will not cross. If it rains you need to do it again but it is a good way to prevent mosquitoes from swarming you. You need to keep spraying to build up the garlic. Apparently mosquitoes do not like the garlic smell and will not cross this barrier you are creating. We have been using it for 6 years now and I love it. Occasionally you will get a mosquito but it is better than zillions of mosquitoes. Plus Northline Express has the best price on the web anywhere. You can't go wrong with this product. (Posted on 6/19/2018)
Excellent Product Review by Hope
Hi Everyone,

We have a stream running through our property. The stream develops stagnant little pools throughout it, which, in turn, attracts breeding mosquitoes.

Mosquito Barrier is our solution for this issue, and it works great. We use it according to the directions, and it clears the little buzz bombs right out of the creek and off our property as well.

I highly recommend this product for mosquitoes. It doesn't harm our stream; and since our property is also wooded, it goes a long way in helping us enjoy our summers.

(Posted on 9/5/2013)
All Hype as far as I'm concerned Review by BobL65
I was suckered into buying this garlic juice by all the good reviews here and on Amazon dot com at the time.
It did ABOSLUTELY nothing to kill or repel mosquitos for me on my property, but I loved the smell. I thought my wife was making fun of me and the product when she said she kept getting bit, but her legs looked like she was a piece of button candy, you know, that candy stuck onto a strip of paper. OK, enough with me making jokes about it. It is one big, big waste of money and time and energy. I applied it at double strength, which the label says is OK to use it at. There were mosquitos flying all around me as I was spraying the stuff. I felt like I was in complete control as I was spraying it, wiping them out of existence on contact. Boy was I wrong! I paid 81 bucks for a gallon of this stuff with shipping. I used half a gallon of it already. The label says it is effective for up to 5 acres at normal dosage, but I have only 1/3 acre of property and did 4 applications. I didn't work out the math on this, but I completely drenched every plant, blade of grass and ground on my property. Maybe I did more than double dosage rate. It did not kill any plants, vegetables butterflies or animals, which is great, but the mosquitos? not them either. What a big, big disappointment. I think anybody that wrote a good review on this stuff must still believe in the tooth fairy.
If your curiosity makes you still wants to try it yourself, do yourself a big favor and buy just a quart to start, then YOU decide if you want more.
This is not even, in my opinion worth ONE star. Although, I love the smell of garlic (Posted on 9/4/2013)
Works great - Love it! Review by Angie
We have battled mosquitoes for years, but this works great! Only complaint I have is the bottle - it spills every time we pour it. We have tried funnels, but nothing has worked. We waste quite a bit just from that. BUT, the product is amazing!!! (Posted on 9/3/2013)

Additional Information

SKU TYSPCCH1000044025
Product Type Pool Chemicals
Brand Toysplash
Manufacturer Part Number Garlic Repellent - Gallon Size
Country of Origin United States

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