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Beach Snorkels

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  1. Intex Child Adventurer Swim Set

    Intex Child Adventurer Swim Set

    SKU: TYSTASN_131462
    $10.99 $3.94
  2. Intex Master Class Swim Set

    Intex Master Class Swim Set

    SKU: TYSTASN_131854
    $17.99 $8.09
  3. Intex Easy Flow Snorkel

    Intex Easy Flow Snorkel

    SKU: TYSTASN_131301
    $5.49 $3.50

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3 Item(s)

Snorkeling is an amazing underwater activity that brings you closer to the wonder of sea life! At ToySplash, we want you to enjoy every moment of your snorkeling experience so we are happy to offer a quality selection of snorkels and snorkel sets designed to maximize your next underwater adventure! Our snorkel sets come complete with a snorkel, dive mask and flippers so you are ready to jump in and explore. Be prepared for your next undersea exploration with snorkel gear from ToySplash!

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