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Top 12 Kids Water Games

Posted on by SplashMommy

Kids love summer. No homework. Hanging out with friends happens a lot. Fun abounds. Everything is great until…you hear those dreaded words – “I’m bored.” Keeping your kids occupied all … Continue reading

Water Time = Learning Time

Water time can be turned into learning time easily with a few accessories from ToySplash. Whether kids are spending time in the pool, the hot tub, or even in the … Continue reading

Spelling Splash

Posted on by Amanda

School has started, so it’s time to incorporate some learning into playtime.  Because it’s still hot outside, outdoor water games are a winner.  And squirt guns can be a surprising, … Continue reading

Water Polo in Your Backyard!

Posted on by Amanda

Water polo is becoming a hot game in swimming pools all over the world.  Don’t let your family miss out on the fun–introduce it to your backyard today.  With an … Continue reading

Underwater Charades

Posted on by Amanda

  Here’s another great twist on a classic game of charades:  move it underwater!  Equip your observers with some goggles and send them underwater to figure it out.  There are … Continue reading

Cup Relay With a Twist!

Posted on by Amanda

Everyone who has been to a picnic or a field day knows the classic fire-brigade-cup-relay game.  Traditionally, participants take a cup of water from one bucket and either travel an … Continue reading

Olympic Games Day 5

Posted on by Amanda

Round out your week at the Olympic Games Day 5 with a legitimate Olympic game that seems too fun and easy to be an Olympic event:  ping pong! With a … Continue reading

Olympic Games Day 2

Posted on by Amanda

For Olympic Games Day 2, pick a water-filled version of one of your favorite outdoor games: volleyball!   Volleyball is a classic event that is great for groups. Divide the … Continue reading

Diving Board Dodgeball

Posted on by Amanda

Incorporate a classic outside game with water fun by moving dodgeball to the swimming pool with Diving Board Dodgeball. The object of the game is similar, but the game play … Continue reading

Spring Pool Games are Ducky

Posted on by Amanda

Is your spring baby a little bummed that it’s still too cold for a pool party on her birthday?  Never fear, even when it is too cold to go in … Continue reading