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Awesome Pool Toys for Kids

Posted on by admin

Are you scratching your head, wondering how to keep the kids busy all summer long? You can only run them to lessons, craft classes, reading programs, and so on, for … Continue reading

How to Throw a Memorial Day Pool Party

Posted on by SplashMommy

I love to throw a party! I know when I say that some people just roll their eyes and say “not me, no way. It’s too much stress!” I am … Continue reading

The Messy Pool Race

Posted on by Amanda

Want to wear your kids out in a hurry?  Whether you’re trying to get them their daily dose of exercise or just want them to burn off a little energy … Continue reading

Capture the Splash

Posted on by Amanda

We’ve revamped capture the flag for a hot summer day by moving it into the pool!  The basics of the game Capture the Splash are exactly the same, but it’s … Continue reading


Posted on by Amanda

Cannonball contests are a summer staple.  There is something about leaping into the water and making a giant splash that kids love.  You can make the splash attack even more … Continue reading

Water Polo in Your Backyard!

Posted on by Amanda

Water polo is becoming a hot game in swimming pools all over the world.  Don’t let your family miss out on the fun–introduce it to your backyard today.  With an … Continue reading

Mermaid or Dolphin Treasure

Posted on by Amanda

Kids have terrific imaginations.  Sometimes all they need is a little prompting to create an imaginary world to which they’ll want to return again and again.  The water is particularly … Continue reading

Underwater Charades

Posted on by Amanda

  Here’s another great twist on a classic game of charades:  move it underwater!  Equip your observers with some goggles and send them underwater to figure it out.  There are … Continue reading

Cup Relay With a Twist!

Posted on by Amanda

Everyone who has been to a picnic or a field day knows the classic fire-brigade-cup-relay game.  Traditionally, participants take a cup of water from one bucket and either travel an … Continue reading

Olympic Games Day 2

Posted on by Amanda

For Olympic Games Day 2, pick a water-filled version of one of your favorite outdoor games: volleyball!   Volleyball is a classic event that is great for groups. Divide the … Continue reading

Play Chicken, Get an Egg

Posted on by Amanda

Kids think up (and are taught) a lot of games and activities.  Some are safe and others not-so-safe.  As the grownup it’s your job to teach them how to play … Continue reading

Diving Board Dodgeball

Posted on by Amanda

Incorporate a classic outside game with water fun by moving dodgeball to the swimming pool with Diving Board Dodgeball. The object of the game is similar, but the game play … Continue reading

The Sink or Swim Game

Posted on by Amanda

No, we’re not talking about your first semester of college.  The sink or swim game is a great group and party game that is sure to wear out and delight … Continue reading

A Day at the Water Ballet

Posted on by Amanda

Want to get your kids’ imaginations and bodies moving in the pool?  How about an impromptu water ballet?  Forget the Tchaikovsky and Brahms and let your kids pick their own … Continue reading

Swimming Pool Basketball

Posted on by Amanda

The swimming pool is a great place to introduce kids to traditional team sports and also to practice skills.  Basketball is a longtime swimming pool favorite here at ToySplash and … Continue reading

Diving Board Charades

Posted on by Amanda

A splashtastic twist on an old party classic:  diving board charades! Divide your group into teams and create a list of ideas to act out (adjust your answers to suit … Continue reading

It is COLD

Posted on by Amanda

What do you do when your kids insist on getting in the pool when it is cold, but then complain about it?   There is the ever popular, “told ya … Continue reading

Spring Pool Games are Ducky

Posted on by Amanda

Is your spring baby a little bummed that it’s still too cold for a pool party on her birthday?  Never fear, even when it is too cold to go in … Continue reading