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The Margarona

Thirsty Thursday – The Margarona It’s a margarita….it’s a Corona…..add them together = the Margarona! This one’s not rocket science, people, but Holy Cow is it good!  I have seen … Continue reading

How to Play Floating Beer Pong

Beer Pong…there are two words most people know and understand. Where this game originated is up for debate but we’re not here to take part in that argument. We just … Continue reading

Thirsty Thursday – Peach-a-Rita it is!!

Summer’s not over yet! Actually, where I live (Arizona) summer is still in full force. I know many of you are celebrating/dreading (choose the appropriate verb) the start of school … Continue reading

Why Swimming is my Exercise of Choice

I live in Arizona and I have a pool in my backyard. These are two blessings that I am thankful for on a regular basis. As April rolls around, while … Continue reading

How About a Vootbeer?

It’s Thirsty Thursday. How about a vootbeer? No, it’s not my German heritage coming through in an accent when I say root beer. It’s the name of this very easy, … Continue reading

Benefits of a Pool Safety Fence

A backyard pool is а great feature in any yard, offering an easy way to relax and stay cool on а hot summer’s day. However, we all know that a … Continue reading

Thirsty Thursday – Shark Bowl Party Drink

In honor of Shark Week I am sharing this recipe for a Shark Bowl Party Drink for our Thirsty Thursday feature. Be ready to be amazed at how fun this … Continue reading

The Perfect Poolside Lunch for this Less-than-Perfect Mom

It’s been one of THOSE days…you know. Yes, you do.  You think to yourself, who snatched my wonderful, angelic children and left me with these, these…. I was truly feeling … Continue reading

Drowning Prevention – Knowing What To Look For

Drowning….it’s one of the biggest causes of death for children and it’s completely preventable! We must arm ourselves with a little knowledge and a commitment to keeping continual watch when … Continue reading

Thirsty Thursday – Dirty Pirate Popsicles

It’s Thirsty Thursday, again and this week’s feature isn’t exactly a drink…although let it sit out in the hot sun for a short period of time and it sure will … Continue reading