Step right up and start the party! ToySplash has everything you need to throw a carnival pool  party.  With midway games and rides, you get everything fun about a carnival without the lines and crowds!

Party details…


Carnival Pool Party


First, set the mood with lighting.  Underwater lights will add fun, mystery, and glamour to your water midway.  Check out ToySplash’s selection of underwater light shows and multi-colored pool fountain.






Don’t forget the music!  With a PoolTunes Floating iPod speaker, you’ll never miss a beat.  Keep it upbeat and lively for your carnival party.


Choose from ToySplash’s great selection of carnival-themed ride ons and games:

Carnival Pool Party


–The Sprinkler Whack-a-Mole or floating Whack-a-Mole:  a classic midway game brought to your backyard





Carnival Pool Party


–The Carousel Pool Float:  looks like an old-fashioned carousel in your own pool!





Carnival Pool Party


–The Teacup Spinner:  just like you would find at a major theme park, but inflatable and ready to spin in your pool!




Carnival Pool Party


The Giant Ring Toss:  test your guests’ coordination and aim with this giant game.  And when you’re not playing, the rings can double as pool floats!




Carnival Pool Party

–An inflatable Arcade Shooter:  don’t forget prizes for the guests who hit their targets!  ToySplash has a variety of pool prizes at great prizes so you can hand out goggles, dive rings, and more!




Don’t forget the necessities.  With all the inflatable fun, be sure to pick up one of ToySplash’s air pumps for quick setup.  And to keep your guests hydrated and energized, fill a floating cooler with water, sports drinks, and snacks.


Everyone’s a winner with ToySplash, so let’s get this party started!



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