Pool Rafts

Hang out at the pool, lake, or beach in comfort and style when you choose a pool raft from ToySplash!

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  1. Swimline Beer Mug Float

    Swimline Beer Mug Float

    SKU: TYSINFT1000034864
    $29.99 $26.59
  2. Swimline Margarita Mat

    Swimline Margarita Mat

    SKU: TYSINFT1000034865
    $29.99 $27.76
  3. Intex Fashion Pool Raft

    Intex Fashion Pool Raft

    SKU: TYSRAFT_131316
    $7.99 $5.99
  4. Swimline American Pool Mattress

    Swimline American Pool Mattress

    SKU: TYSRAFT_121311
    $9.99 $6.99
  5. Swimline Board Shorts Double Lounger

    Swimline Board Shorts Double Lounger

    SKU: TYSRAFT_101591
    $35.95 $28.50
  6. Coral

    Super Soft Foam Pool Float

    SKU: TYSRAFT_101026
    $159.99 $134.99
  7. Yellow

    Sunsation Foam Pool Float

    SKU: TYSRAFT_101021
    $139.99 $129.99
  8. Luxe Sunsation Foam Pool Float

    Luxe Sunsation Foam Pool Float

    SKU: TYSRAFT_101020
    $249.99 $222.99
  9. Double Suntanner Mattress

    Double Suntanner Mattress

    SKU: TYSRAFT_131315
    $25.99 $21.55
  10. Swimline Cabana Shirt Float

    Swimline Cabana Shirt Float

    SKU: TYSRAFT_101827
    $34.99 $29.50

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10 Item(s)

Is there anything more relaxing than a quiet day floating on the water and soaking up the sun? At ToySplash, we take relaxation seriously. That's why we have an enormous selection of pool rafts for you to choose from. From inflatable single and double rafts, to luxurious foam rafts, we really have it all! We only offer rafts made from quality construction that are built to last. Many of our rafts have built-in cup holders to add to your water enjoyment. Our newest addition is the Luminous Envy Tanning Float designed to give you a beautiful tan in record time. No matter what style pool raft you are looking for, look no further than ToySplash!