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Pool Floats

Looking to add lively excitement to your pool? Look no further than our unique pool floats!

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  1. Yellow

    Swimline Swim Ring - 20in

    SKU: TYSRING1000032177
    $1.99 $1.50
  2. Swimline Giant Inflatable Flamingo

    Swimline Giant Inflatable Flamingo

    SKU: TYSINFT1000034878
    $49.99 $39.95
  3. Swimline's Inflatable Golden Goose

    Swimline's Inflatable Golden Goose

    SKU: TYSINFT1000036131
    $45.99 $33.99
  4. Swimline Giant Inflatable Black Swan

    Swimline Giant Inflatable Black Swan

    SKU: TYSINFT1000034853
    $49.99 $24.95
  5. Swimline Giant Inflatable Parrot

    Swimline Giant Inflatable Parrot

    SKU: TYSINFT1000034854
    $49.99 $28.50
  6. Giant Inflatable Swan

    Giant Inflatable Swan

    SKU: TYSINFT_101803
    $64.99 $29.95
  7. Swimline Sugar Skull Float

    Swimline Sugar Skull Float

    SKU: TYSINFT1000034861
    $21.99 $18.50
  8. Swimline Heart Tattoo Island

    Swimline Heart Tattoo Island

    SKU: TYSINFT1000034862
    $36.99 $29.64
  9. Swimline Beer Mug Float

    Swimline Beer Mug Float

    SKU: TYSINFT1000034864
    $29.99 $26.59
  10. Swimline Margarita Mat

    Swimline Margarita Mat

    SKU: TYSINFT1000034865
    $29.99 $27.76

Grid  List 

Items 1 to 10 of 147 total

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Our vast assortment of pool floats is sure to get the party going in your pool! We have so many adorable floats for the little tots but also tons of water-game inflatables sure to please your older kids and all their friends The little ones can enjoy a water carousel or one of our many different inflatable animal riders. We have castles, cubes, rockers, water squirting riders, boats and water slides! Lots of our inflatables mimic the fun of an amusement park ride so be ready for thrills, chills and screams of delight! You can even enjoy lying back on a giant inflatable baseball glove or a huge slice of fruit. The ToySplash FUN Experts have the perfect list for you to choose from to have that one-of-a-kind pool float! Shop now for your Perfect Pool Entertainment!!