Inflatable Boats

Paddle your way to water fun in an inflatable boat or kayak from ToySplash!

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  1. Solstice Inflatable Docks

    Solstice Inflatable Docks

    SKU: TYSINFT1000033959
    $799.99 $649.00
  2. Solstice Voyager Inflatable Boat

    Solstice Voyager Inflatable Boat

    SKU: TYSINBT1000032161
    $49.99 $14.95
  3. Solstice Quick Release Paddle

    Solstice Quick Release Paddle

    SKU: TYSINBT1000032168
    $40.50 $37.99
  4. Traveller 1-person Kayak

    Traveller 1-person Kayak

    SKU: TYSINBT_101241
    $399.99 $389.99
  5. Outcat Catamaran Fishing Boat

    Outcat Catamaran Fishing Boat

    SKU: TYSINBT_101242
    $850.00 $799.99
  6. Solstice Durango 1-2 Person Convertible Kayak

    Solstice Durango 1-2 Person Convertible Kayak

    SKU: TYSINBT1000032164
    $499.99 $449.99
  7. Solstice Inflatable Kayak Seat

    Solstice Inflatable Kayak Seat

    SKU: TYSINBT1000032166
    $22.99 $19.50
  8. Outdoorsman 12000 Fishing Boat

    Outdoorsman 12000 Fishing Boat

    SKU: TYSINBT_101239
    $184.99 $159.95
  9. Solstice Breakdown Plastic Oars

    Solstice Breakdown Plastic Oars

    SKU: TYSINBT1000032160
    $13.99 $9.99
  10. Solstice SunSkiff Inflatable Boat

    Solstice SunSkiff Inflatable Boat

    SKU: TYSINBT1000032159
    $29.95 $15.99

Grid  List 

Items 1 to 10 of 20 total

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Spending time at the lake or on a river is a great way to relax alone or enjoy a fun family experience! At ToySplash, we have many choices to make your event on the water more enjoyable! Choose from single-person boats suitable for pools, lakes and rivers all the way up to kayaks and sport boats, some able to accommodate up to six people. Water adventure is just around the corner in one of our inflatable boats!