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Beach Balls

Sand + beach ball = Summer fun!!

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  1. Intex Beach Ball 20-inch

    Intex Beach Ball 20-inch

    SKU: TYSTYBB_131337
    $2.99 $0.89 As low as: $0.71
  2. Swimline 46-inch Jumbo Panel Beach Ball
  3. Intex Beach Ball 24-inch

    Intex Beach Ball 24-inch

    SKU: TYSTYBB_131339
    $3.20 $1.25 As low as: $0.84
  4. Swimline American Beach Ball

    Swimline American Beach Ball

    SKU: TYSTYBB_101255
    $4.40 $1.75 As low as: $1.20
  5. Swimline Summer Daisy Ball and Ring Float - 48in

    Swimline Summer Daisy Ball and Ring Float - 48in

    SKU: TYSRING1000034877
    $22.90 $18.99
  6. Swimways Light Up Beach Ball

    Swimways Light Up Beach Ball

    SKU: TYSTYBB1000033716
    $6.99 $4.95 As low as: $3.87
  7. Intex Design Print Beach Balls 24-inch
  8. pink-swatch

    Intex Aquarium Beach Ball

    SKU: TYSTYBB1000031952
    $3.99 $1.40
  9. Swimline 24-Inch Panel Beach Ball
  10. Swimline 20-inch Transparent Beach Ball

    Swimline 20-inch Transparent Beach Ball

    SKU: TYSTYBB1000032032
    $3.40 $1.36 As low as: $1.15

Grid  List 

Items 1 to 10 of 20 total

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You've never seen beach balls like these before. At ToySplash, we pride ourselves on having a wide variety of the most fun pool and beach toys, and these beach balls are no exception. Whether you want a standard, multi-colored beach ball or you're looking for something spectacular that adds spunky character to your pool, the lake or the ocean while you splash with family and friends, you'll find it at ToySplash.

Show off your patriotism with an American flag beach ball festooned with stars and stripes, or inspire a sense of wonder in kids and adults with an inflatable globe beach ball that measures 24 inches in diameter. If you're looking for something a bit bigger, you're in luck; we have beach balls as big as 60 inches in diameter (that's 5 feet of massive bouncing, splashing fun).

We also have tasty beach balls that are great for family picnics, such as our Gigantic Bouncing Burger Beach Ball, which is a real whopper measuring in at 3 feet across. You'll also have a blast with our 3-foot Red Tootsie Pop Beach Ball. Little ones adore our Intex Aquarium Beach Ball, which has a funky blow-up fish inside (these balls are available in blue or pink, so you can get the perfect toy for your favorite tot).

Some of ToySplash's best-sellers are our customized 16-inch beach balls. Ideal for family picnics, business giveaways or marketing materials - especially those involving summertime promotions - these customized beach balls are available in a whole rainbow of colors. We'll add your company name, logo and telephone number to each one, and they're available in bulk quantities to help you save even more money.

No matter what kind of beach balls you're looking for, you'll find them here. You don't have to spend your valuable time walking up and down the aisles of a big-box store to find the right pool toys and inflatables for your summer fun when you can shop with the pool toy experts at ToySplash.