ePulse 2 Heart Rate Monitor

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Get in shape for the beach this summer with the new ePulse 2!
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The revolutionary ePulse 2 Strapless armband heart rate monitor and calorimeter (continuous heart rate readings without a chest transmitter). It is a practical and convenient for anyone who exercises or is interested in tracking calories burned to obtain the benefits of heart rate monitoring while conducting literally any type of activity from running to walking or simply doing daily chores!

Your best ever workout is now within your grasp. Literally! The ePulse 2 Heart Rate Monitor and Calorimeter keeps all your vitals at your fingertips with it's easy to use technology. Comfortable and convenient, with a continual display of your heart rate, calories burned, target heart rate zones, and the elapsed exercise time. Important Note: Since ePulse2 has a rechargeable battery some units (less than 5%) may discharge due to shelf life. The battery can be brought back with a simple procedure if this is the case. The users must plug in the charger for ten minutes and then hold the on button down for 15 seconds and release. The charging circuit will engage and operation will be normal.

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