ePool Water Chemistry Monitoring System

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Enjoy your swimming pool by taking the guess work out of maintaining its chemical composition using the ePool Water Chemistry Monitoring System!
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ToySplash wants your pool time to be full of water fun, not water care. That's why we're excited to offer the revolutionary ePool Water Chemistry Monitoring System. The ePool tells you exactly what chemicals to add and the exact quantity needed, taking the guesswork out of maintaining pool water. The ePool monitor uses a floating sensor and communicates wirelessly with your home computer, continuously analyzing your pool or spa’s water chemical composition.

When you instantly know whether your water needs attention, you can keep your pool healthy and balanced for more days of water fun!

The ePool works with chlorine, salt water, or mineral pools and features continual 24/7 monitoring of pH, chlorine, and water temperature with accurate analysis. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from no guesswork or test strips needed anymore to keep proper chemical levels.

The ePool is easy to set up and use with any PC or MAC. You can also program ePool to send email and text messages. Software upgrades easily managed. Requires four (4) AA batteries (included). Full replacement warranty-90 days.

Reviews (0)