Score-n-Store Basketball Hoop

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SUPER LOW PRICE! Play pool basketball and store your cold drinks in the cooler/storage base. This basketball game is durable and has an 84-quart storage capacity. Featuring an aluminum rim and easy-grip basketball. Attention basketball junkies: Your pool has just turned into the ultimate basketball court. The Score-n-Store Basketball Hoop provides a summer season of basketball fun. With an aluminum rim, easy-grip basketball and adjustable backboard, everyone can be daredevil dunkers. The backboard is raised or lowered to 32", 26" or 20" high, ensuring that everyone from point guards to power forwards can slam and jam. When you stop the game for a breather, reach for a cold beverage in the 84-quart capacity cooler/storage base. The Score-n-Store Basketball Hoop is refreshment and recreation all wrapped into one!

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