Misty 16 oz Personal Water Mister

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Hot weather? Take control of your climate with an all new, cutting-edge designed personal water mister; years ahead of its time!
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The Misty 16 oz Personal Water Mister is the world’s most advanced personal mister. Over 10 years of engineering and development yielded the Misty 16 oz Personal Water Mister. This Water Mister delivers ultimate micro-misting performance to keep you cool anytime in the sun, sand, or during a workout. This next generation hand-held personal mister has no motorized parts and requires no batteries. Instead, it pressurizes by hand to deliver a continuous stream of ultra-fine mist on command. Cools the air by as much as 30 degrees! The perfect balance of micromist technology and mobility for everyday activities. Measures 11-inches x 3-inches and comes with a 4-year warranty.

Add an additional high-tech blue neoprene sleeve that allows the personal mister to attach securely to you when you need hands-free operation ($5.99).

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