Blaster Board Water Shooter

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Enjoy a kickboard, water blaster, and water shield all in one with the Blaster Board Water Shooters from ToySplash!
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The ToySplash Water Fun Experts have been wreaking havoc with the Blaster Board Water Shooters! This wild water squirter looks like an innocent kickboard, but with the pull of a lever, it becomes artillery for a major water war! The Blaster Board Water Shooter blasts water up to thirty feet to surprise and soak unsuspecting swimmers. This cool pool toy is a floating water gun. Our ToySplash Water Fun Experts love that this awesome pool toy is the perfect water gun to start a water war but is also big enough to work as a shield! The Blaster Board Water Shooter is recommended for ages 6 and up. Measures 24-inches by 12-inches. Colors may vary.

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