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Reveal a Whole New World to Your Kids with ToySplash's Snorkeling Sets

Snorkeling sets are great for introducing beginners to the underwater with comfort and ease. Use in the pool or at the beach to discover what lies below the water's surface. Just add water and let the fun and adventure begin. Experienced swimmers will appreciate the quality and durability of these products. Whether you need a dive mask, snorkel, fins or all three, you find them here at discount prices.

Snorkels - Aqua Scope & SnorkelImagine the excitement your children will experience when they see a whole other world underwater. Regardless of how many times they've been told not to open their eyes underwater in the pool, your kids have done it. You've seen the results when they get out of the pool – red, bloodshot eyes. They're curious to see how the water changes their vision.

Snorkels - Splasher Child/Junior Swim SnorkelToySplash's snorkel sets give your kids the opportunity to stay underwater for extended periods of time. Innovative designs and firm seals on the masks provide comfort at a fraction the cost of other retailers. The snorkels allow for relaxed breathing while beneath the water's surface. The style of goggles and masks may increase your ability to see in the water. Single lenses are best suited for people without vision problems. Double lenses assist people who experience some kind of vision difficulties; they also provide a wider field of view. To get even wider views, consider a mask that offers lenses on the side.

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Don't forget to test your goggles and masks before using it in the water. It should fit evenly around your face and you should experience tightness, or suction, when you breathe in. Even pressure distribution will decrease soreness and prevent goggle/mask marks on your face. Also, when using a mask, make sure it doesn't touch your nose.

Since our snorkel sets come straight from the manufacturer, we can pass on the savings to you. We guarantee you won't find these low prices on anywhere else.

ToySlash has pool toys, pool floats and pool accessories your kids will want to play with for hours.

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