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ToySplash Keeps Your Pool Running Clean and Clear All Year

Maintenance - Chloriduck WhiteDon't let the fun stop at your pool because of a maintenance issue. ToySplash has the necessary products to keep your pool looking beautiful and running well throughout the season. From chlorine canisters to pool cleaning supplies, our pool maintenance products combat problems that occur as your pool and its water react to frequent use and environmental conditions.

We know you don't want to spend a lot of time with pool maintenance, so we offer products that allow for less time cleaning and more time enjoying the benefits of your pool. Water checks, removing debris and brushing the sides of your pool are all necessary maintenance issues that take away from you and your family's time swimming. When was the last time you or your kids were excited about cleaning the pool? Never! It's not an enjoyable experience. Our swimming pool products make dealing with maintenance issues quick and easy.

Maintenance - Pool Brush and Pumice StoneSummer storms are notorious for wreaking havoc on pools. Dirt blows in the pool, leaves and debris settle on the water's surface, and pH levels get out of balance. When frequent storms hit, it can be frustrating to repeatedly correct these issues. ToySplash's maintenance products remedy these issues and get your family back to swimming and having fun in the pool.

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While you're maintaining pool, be sure to take care of its safety features. Pool safety goes hand in hand with maintenance. Always check your fence or gate around the pool to see that it's in properly working order. There shouldn't be any openings where a child could slip through. In addition, if you have a cover over the pool, examine the material frequently for any wear and tear. And, always have someone close by who is certified in lifesaving and CPR whenever anyone is swimming.

We guarantee you won't find this selection of pool maintenance products at the discount prices we offer at ToySplash. Each product arrives to us directly from reputable manufacturers, so you are certain to receive the finest pool merchandise and pool toys at the best price.

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