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Relax in Style with ToySplash's Luxurious Pool Lounges

Pool Lounges - Sunchaser Sling Style Floating ChairTake to the pool or lake with one of our floating or inflatable pool lounges designed to offer cool comfort and relaxation at a fraction of the cost of other retailers. After a hard week of work, there aren't many things more enjoyable than the calming sensation you experience following a dip in your pool or a trip to the lake. Floating around the water, you're temporarily away from life's everyday stresses. ToySplash's lounges and pool rafts are certain to add to your relaxation.

With varying styles of pool lounges and related beach toys and pool toys, we have something available for everyone in the family. Whether you prefer a classic foam float or a luxurious lounger with all the comforts of your living room recliner, you'll find it here. Let the kids vigorously splash around the pool or lake, while you take care of yourself and experience the real relaxation that comes from quality-constructed pool lounges for the pool or beach.

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Pool Lounges - Ultimate Floating LoungeSleep away the day under the sun as you gently float over the water. With most models featuring dual beverage holders, you'll be able to take an occasional sip from a beverage to cool off. Imagine the soothing warmth of the sun as it hits your body. Once the heat gets too intense, it's easy to just slide from your lounge and into the cool water. Or, take a temporary retreat from the rays and pull over the sunshade – an accessory offered with some models. Relaxation like this is hard to beat.

Pool Lounges - Premium Water HammockReclining capabilities vary with each lounge style, ranging from sling chairs and hammocks to contoured pool lounges, beach lounges, and foam pool floats. So whether you prefer to have your whole body out of the water, or just a portion, ToySplash has a lounge perfect for your requirements. Built to last, the cushioned comfort and quality of our lounges and pool rafts are unbeatable.

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