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ToySplash Lets Your Bring the Competition to the Pool

Games - Floating B-Ball Dive Game ComboToySplash's assortment of pool games allows you and your family to bring out the competitive spirit. Test your skills with games such as pool volleyball, pool golf, pool pong and table tennis. These pool sports competitions will add fun to your swim outing whether it's at the pool, lake or river. Dive for rings or sticks and swim through hoops. Kids will enjoy shooting at underwater targets with our assortment of pool torpedo games or toypedo games. In addition, our snorkeling sets are great for introducing beginners to the underwater with comfort and ease. Use in the pool or at the beach to discover what lies below the water's surface.

Having a party soon? Water volleyball is the perfect sport for getting your whole guest list involved. The number of people playing is only limited by the size of your pool. Your guests will be able to bump, set and spike for hours at a time.

Pool Games - Dolphin Slalom GameIf you prefer games that are a little less intense, try our Dolphin Slalom Game. Take turns swimming through an underwater course composed of three 24-inch rings. Separate them out for a more difficult route, or keep them close for an easier track. By moving the rings, you can customize the game for any skill level.

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Pool Games - Pool GolfHave a friend who is overly competitive? Someone who hates to lose and will do anything to win? How much fun would it be to beat him at a game in your pool? The Poolside Floating Golf Game is easy to practice but hard to perfect. Chip from the pool deck or the outer reaches of your backyard to an awaiting green floating atop the pool's surface. With a little preparation, you'll possess the skills to win with ease.

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