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ToySplash's Beach Balls: A Timeless Classic

Pool Beach Ball - 48"Beach BallAlthough invented nearly seven decades ago, the beach ball is still a favorite toy for many while around water. You can't be at a swimming pool or lake on a sunny summer day without beach balls close by. Once in the water, the beach ball always seems to trigger some kind of fun game. How many times have you tried keeping a beach ball under the water while attempting to balance on it, or played a volleyball-type game while swimming? There's no question beach balls and water are a perfect match.

Sport Balls - Splash Dunk Sport BallsToySplash's beach balls are ideal for fun at the beach, pool, backyard or park. Available in a variety of patterns and sizes up to 48 inches, our soft, air-filled beach balls are a safe way for your children to practice hand-eye coordination. Their large sizes and light weight make the balls easy to propel in any direction, just right for leisurely games at the beach. Styles range from a classic, multi-color design to sports, including basketball, soccer and football.

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We receive all our beach balls and pool toys direct from recognized manufacturers, ensuring quality and significant savings. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you ever have any problems with one of our beach balls or pool toys, simply send it back for a complete refund. We're so confident in the quality of these beach balls that we can offer this type of guarantee. We invite you to try finding this type of commitment from any other pool toy retailer. ToySplash not only offers "everything water," but we also stand by our products.

Pool Beach Ball - Glossy Panel Beach Ball 24"There's no limit to where you can take a beach ball. Because of its light weight, beach balls can also be used outside of the water environment. How many times have you seen a multi-color ball bouncing from hand to hand at concerts and sporting events? Have you ever been the person to start passing the ball around? Now you can. With ToySplash's low prices, you won't have to be concerned about losing your ball or other beach toys among the throngs of people. If it gets lost, just come back to ToySplash and order another one. Prices start as low at $0.97 for a classic, six-panel beach ball.

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