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Increase the Water Fun with ToySplash's Assortment of Pool Accessories

Pool Accessories are the perfect way to add some more fun to a day at the pool, beach or lake. Enhance the excitement with these high-quality pool accessories at discount prices. You'll find all you need to add fun-filled items to your pool environment, including outdoor showers, swim caps, kickboards and floating candles. From hard-to-find replacement goggle straps to an assortment of nose clips and ear plugs, they are all available here at discount prices you can afford. You can even ad the calming sounds of flowing water to your backyard with a triple-tier floating fountain.

Accessories - Poolside Portable ShowerA pool accessory such as the Poolside Portable Shower easily attaches to a standard garden hose for complete backyard portability. From the patio to the poolside or spa, this functional shower and foot-rinser offers a refreshing, cleansing rinse for swimmers and waders. The rugged non-corrosive PVC construction is completely weatherproof, and the large, oval-shaped, sand-filled base provides stability as well as a stylish appearance. An adjustable showerhead rises to 81 inches and includes an on/off valve. Any pool chemicals or residue wash off in seconds.

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ToySplash even offers accessories for decorating outside of the pool. Our 12-inch matching wall clock and thermometer enhance just about any pool setting, while offering the current time and temperature with just a glance. Have your kids keep track of how long they're in the pool or tell them to keep watch of the temperature to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

Accessories - Blossom Light- Floating Candle AssortCreate an enchanting ambiance for your next dinner party by placing an assortment floating candles in your pool. This extra touch of light gives a festive feeling to any event. Your guests are sure to ask where you found such as extravagant addition to your backyard. You don't have to tell them ToySplash is your secret for pool accessories at discount prices. That can be our little secret. In addition to flowers, we even offer candles in ladybug, sunflower, rose and starfish styles.

Take comfort in knowing all our accessories come straight from reputable manufacturers. We guarantee you won't find the quality and pricing offered at ToySplash anywhere else.

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